Sales Agreement

1. Payments – I accept cash and money orders for payments and deposits.  For deposits alone, I accept PayPal and checks.  Customers will be held responsible for any returned checks and associated fees.  If you would like to use PayPal as a payment method there will be a minimal charge to cover paypal fees for anything over $10 per rabbit.

 2. Deposits – A $10 deposit per bunny is required to reserve an unborn or unweaned baby from its mother.  Once a deposit has been received your name will be posted on the website indicating what order you are in for selecting a bunny.  Deposits are non-refundable.  If you do not find a bunny that meets your expectations you have the option of passing your order of choice until the next litter is born.  Once a specific rabbit has been reserved a $10 monthly care fee will be applied for every month after the initial deposit has been received on weaned rabbits. 

 3. Returns – Only on rare occasions will I accept a returned rabbit once it has been sold.  On those occasions I will keep the rabbit quarantined to ensure it is healthy for 15 days.  When I am able to adopt the rabbit out, your money will be refunded minus care fees ($10 a month).  

4. Shipping – I regularly send rabbits out of state to customers.  Shipping rabbits and all related costs is entirely the customer’s responsibility.  I recommend using or to find affordable shipping solutions.  Any harm that may come to the rabbit in transit is a risk that the customer assumes.  To this date, I have not had any negative incidents in shipments.

 5. Cancelation – Non-Pickup – If for any reason the customer decides not to pick up their rabbit all deposits and payments are forfeited.  Paypal payments will also be forfeited and may not be contested according to this sales agreement.  Customers must be in contact with me each month that I am caring for their rabbit.  After 30 days if they have not contacted me and I am not able to reach them the rabbit will be sold.

 6. Delivery – The customers should carefully inspect each rabbit at the time of delivery to ensure it meets their expectations.  This should include careful inspection of the ears for mites and drooping, correctness of teeth, equally colored nails, healthy coat and most importantly verify the sex.  Once the rabbit is no longer in my possession it will be difficult to return as I cannot guarantee how it is treated or what it gets exposed to.  See Return Policy

7. Breeding – I cannot make any guarantees about the success customers will have with their breeding programs as there are many factors involved in successfully mating rabbits.  I can sell “Proven” bucks and does which will increase the possibility of successful breedings but the customer is ultimately responsible for managing breeding.

 8. Pedigrees – Most all of my rabbits are sold with pedigrees.  If for any reason the rabbit is not “Showable” not meeting ARBA standards you will either not get a pedigree or the pedigree will clearly indicate this.  It is the responsibility of every breeder to keep good records to ensure they maintain accurate pedigrees and I follow this strictly.  I cannot verify the ancestory of a rabbit that has not been a part of my rabbitry and can only duplicate that ancestory in my records.  Any bunny originating from The Fair Hare Rabbitry must retain the rabbitry name as a part of the rabbits name permanently.

9. Sales Cancellation – I reserve the right to cancel any rabbit sale for any reason with the primary concern for the rabbits long term care.  A full refund will be provided under these circumstances.

 10. Rescue Rabbits – If at any time you feel that you are not able to care for your rabbit or give it the attention that it needs, please do not hesitate in returning it to me.  I will not ask any questions and will respect the fact that you are putting the rabbit’s interest ahead of your own.  I will not be able to refund your money but will do my best to ensure the rabbit is cared for and adopted out to a good home.