Shipping Bunnies


Posted by Mike | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 25-01-2011

Do you live far away and can’t pickup a bunny in person?  I can ship a bunny to you for a suprisingly low cost!  Below is an approximate shipping estimate to get a bunny sent to you.
1. $50 Airport Delivery.  The transport cage must be labeled, have absorbent bedding, food dish and water bottle installed.  Shipping papers and delivery to airport is included in this fee.
2. $50 Pet Carrier.  Airline authorized pet carriers are required to ship live animals.  Food, water and care instructions must be affixed to cage.
3. $50-??? Airline Ticket.  I ship American Airlines and get a 50% discount for being in the military ($100 anywhere in the US).  Follow This Link to calculate your costs.  Be sure to check  the box Shipment Contains Live Animals and Military Discount. Origin City is Dulles Virginia.  Airport code IAD.  I also can ship from Reagan.  Airport code DCA.  It’s really that simple!   I have shipped 6 full grown rabbits as far as Hawaii in one container and they all made it just fine!  I also have shipped to Canada.   Email me with any questions.

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